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The road transport is very important for the economy of a region, a country and even to the world’s one.
Evidenced in transport activity, our enterprise is every day more attentive to security, quality and service’s guarantee.
To answer to an accrued exigency level, Transportes Central Pombalense doesn’t hesitate investing on new technologies and all equipments that can help to increase businesses.
We hope you will enjoy the following information as we enjoy presenting it to you

Historical Summary

Established in April 1946, by the partners Mr. João António and Mrs. Ilidia Pereira, Transportes Central Pombalense started their activities with a capital stock of '€ 250', with 1 vehicle and their Head Office in Meirinhas – Pombal.
In December 1972, now with four vehicles, all of them with the brand name Scania, the capital stock increased to € '5.000'. With a dynamic and careful management of their associates, they have reached a growth level that can be considered remarkable, with definite implantation in the market of Goods’ Traffic by Road, in Portugal

In 1984, with already 17 vehicles, the capital stock is increased to ‘€ 75.000’ and with the intention of introducing a new dynamic; it is divided into 6 quotas, bringing in four new partners, the sons of the company founders. Refreshed with the new members and their strength in the new management’s structure, they decided to develop their International Transports’ activity, as they had been doing since 1979, though without a regular character.

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In 1994 they already owned a fleet of 87 vehicles and their capital stock rises up to '€ 798.076,64'. The practice, obtained through 39 years of rendering transport services, was of great use and recently allowed them to offer new types of services to their customers, such as:

Transport of Fuels in bulk;
Warehousing, Logistics, Distribution.

In 2000, a reorganization and reconstruction procedure of the internal company services was started and it went through the implantation of a Quality Management System, that contributed in a decisive form to the pursuit of the objectives of customers’ satisfaction and to the creation of service and synergy dynamics, which are the motor of the Excellence of all services rendered by Transportes Central Pombalense.

In 2003, the company is certified by the NP EN ISO 9001 – version 2000, having the continuous improvement as basis of all the activities developed internal and externally.

In 2004, the enterprise creates its French delegation in Bordeaux, in view to give a better attendance to existent clients and to have a better evolution in the French market.

In 2006, with intention to obtain a more precise and efficient maintenance costs and repairing of the vehicles the Transports Cental Pombalense, carries out preventive maintenance of their vehicles in their own workshop.

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